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We elevate our customers with custom web design and comprehensive hosting. Our tailored solutions ensure your online presence is not only unique and professional but also seamlessly supported and maintained.
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Adventure Wing is a creative technical studio nestled in the heart of the ‘Silicon Slopes’ in Lehi, Utah. Our team of tech enthusiasts is dedicated to crafting innovative web solutions and building captivating digital experiences.

We offer a range of services, from custom web design and development to quick, efficient solutions like our subscription-based Flex Wing Essentials service. This service provides a versatile, general-purpose website without the cost of a fully customized solution. Let us help you achieve your digital goals with our expertise and passion for technology.

Fun fact: while we pride ourselves in providing excellent web solutions to our customers, our technical interests orbit more than web technologies alone. In Q3, Q4 of 2023 and Q1 of 2024 we made strides paving the early developing an indie game title which received positive feedback from over a dozen play testers. We are excited to continue and eventually finish this title.

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I’m Rhett McNamara. In 2011, I began my journey as an IT professional and soon found a knack for both system administration and working on and providing web-based software solutions. From 2017 to 2022, I served as IT Manager and IT Director at BaseCamp Franchising, where I spearheaded significant technical advancements to a wider network that influenced the experience of thousands of people daily. I’m passionate about technology, DevOps, and leveraging open-source software to do more with less, allowing me to provide significant value to our clients. Born and raised in Utah, I take pride in delivering efficient, cost-effective solutions.

IT professional since 2011

Led major technical advancements

Advocate for excellent customer service

Web hosting and web development

Leveraging open-source solutions

Cloud infrastructure

IT Manager and IT Director

DevOps enthusiast

Containerization & automation

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